Swimming Along

Hostess Code for July: USTQ7K29 Hello!! I am very excited about this card and this set! It made such a fun under water scene and the sentiment is also great. This would be a great card to do with youngesters right after you see the Finding Dory movie (just keep swimming). I used 3 of our… Continue reading Swimming Along

What is Paper Pumpkin?

Hostess Code for July: USTQ7K29 Hello All, So I have posted before about paper pumpkin and how much I love it and everything but maybe you are still a little confused or maybe you go I can’t keep up with that. I am here to tell you that you can and that I do (and… Continue reading What is Paper Pumpkin?

Thoughtful Branches

Hostess Code for July: USTQ7K29 So I wanted to share this amazing set that I am so excited to order and I hope you are too! This is going to be a limited time edition bundle that you can only get in the month of August and you can of course use your amazing $5… Continue reading Thoughtful Branches

Perfect Pines in July

Hostess Code for July: USTQ7K29 Hello!! I am jumping on the Christmas in July bandwagon.. but what I am doing different?? This party will not stop until actual Christmas. Wow that is crazy Christina why would you do that??? Well the fact is that I want to make home made personal Christmas cards this year… Continue reading Perfect Pines in July

July Promotion

  Wow can you believe we are already half way through the year?? Me either!! First I want to apologize for not being as active with posting. This past weekend I was so honored to stand by one of my best friends (and direct downlines) and watch her marry the love of her life. It… Continue reading July Promotion

Simple Christmas Wreath

Hello.. You may be thinking that I have lost my mind to be talking about Christmas but here is my thought. Every year I get this crazy idea that I am going to make everyone Christmas cards and that THIS will be the year that I am going to be on top of it and… Continue reading Simple Christmas Wreath

June Paper Pumpkin Remix Sneak Peak

Hello!! Does it ever feel like sometimes time just slips away from you?? I feel like that has been happening this week so I wanted to say sorry for not posting as much. But if you are like me you are super excited about the June Paper Pumpkin! Here is a fun sneak peak that… Continue reading June Paper Pumpkin Remix Sneak Peak